Showing the hidden stories floating around in the streets and places of Cuneo, Northern Italy, this installation made of words and air aimed for.

The team of the art festival ZooArt in Italy, where July 2014 I had been invited, collected for me memories of inhabitants of Cuneo months before at the main market of the city.

I gave them a list of questions:


Where have you been surprised by somebody or something?

Where have you been kissed (for the first & the last time)?

Where have you been beaten up?

Where did you fight back?

Where did you loose something important to you?

Where have you been found by somebody, while you were lost?

Where have you been crying (out of joy or out of pain)?

Where did you feel special?

Which gaze do you still remember?

Where do you want to die?


I absorbed the memories, cut the sentences apart, put them together again, in order to create skeletons of stories.

The words I cut off thin metal plates, so the letters were like holes in the material.

I threaded the plates on thin ropes and bound them on trunks and branches of a beautiful huge tree like a spider´s web.

Words and stories were put together in a new way by people experiencing the installation, imagining the memories of others.